build your roofs safer and easier


The Bainter Center Ring Support & Rolling Stairway System greatly reduces the amount of work required to construct grain bin roofs. The center pole is comprised of various lengths of connecting square tubes and enables you to position the stairway and the center ring support at the desired height.
The stairway is comprised of a top landing and attached five foot stair section, and additional five foot stair sections that quickly bolt together to accommodate varying bin diameters. The whole system breaks down into small parts for easy handling and hauling.
The center pole has support legs that slip into square tubes welded to the base to provide a wide foundation for the tower that is exceptionally stable.
To adjust the height of the center tower there is an adapter bracket welded to the side to allow a Bainter Hydraulic Bin Jack to lift the tower.  A cable winch can also be used to lift the tower manually.
The center ring support bracket is adjustable to accommodate varying sizes of bin center rings. The Rolling stairway moves easily due to the large tires on the bottom and the hinged pivot point at the top.
One of the greatest advantages to the center tower is its versatility. Because of its modular construction the stairway can easily be expanded or reduced in size for different bin diameters. By buying extra pieces a stairway can be expanded for larger bins. This system will work for all bins from 36’ diameters to 155’ diameters.
Note: all bins large than 105’ diameter use a center roof support system with a large reinforced tower, this is also optionally available for 90’ and 105’ bins, if interested call for details.