Our improved original jack model: in production for over 20 years.

The Bainter standard hydraulic jacks are engineer certified to lift 7,500 lbs each with a 100% safety margin. This is our most popular model with thousands sold worldwide over the last fifteen years. Our standard jack is a three stage jack, providing exceptionally even lifting. Every Jack includes 35’ of hydraulic hose on the inlet and outlet lines as well as all needed quick connection fittings. The jacks are adjustable to accommodate bin rings from 32” height to 44” height. Simply by moving two pins the change in ring height can be made in minutes. T tops are standard equipment on these jacks. These Jacks have a maximum lift height of 46 inches. New jacks feature extra angle bracing, and enlarged steel tubes give version 2.0 increased stability and strength, while remaining fully interchangeable with original model units. 
$2,279.oo per jack