Video showing a smoothwall tank being raised with Bainter Jacks by Global Mechanical. 

Video introduction to Bainter hydraulic jacking system

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Hydraulic power units

Our hydraulic power units are available with capacities from 10 jacks to 60 jacks with powerful gas and diesel motors. All power units use our proprietary cartridge equalization system to lift your tanks and bins evenly.

hydraulic lifting jacks

Bainter hydraulic jacks are available in seven different models to meet your needs, whether you are building grain bins with 32" to 44" corrugated panels or are building tanks with 5' to 8' smoothwall panels. Specially designed jacks are also available for lifting tower dryers.  


center ring support & stair

The Bainter center ring support and rolling stairway system will make building your bin roofs easier and safer. for bins 36' in diameter and up. Heavy duty center roof support towers also available.

Winter Discount- 10% in November, 8% in December, and 6% in January.

Note- This year all equipment is able to be discounted!

Orders must be purchased and paid the month to get the monthly discount.